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The Original Kiddygram was created by entrepreneur Moira Collins with the help of astrologer Gina Ronco and the astrological software company Cosmic Patterns. Collins whose married name is Griffin has degrees from University of Toronto , Northwestern University and Northeastern University. The last two are master degrees in education; an M.A.T and an M.Ed

Collins and her partner Danielle Dunlap sold Astrograms, a trademark astrological report based on a person’s birth data for entertainment purposes only. They received many requests to send the report to newborns and young children because the Astrogram was packaged so handsomely and made a great gift. They created a Babygram report for babies and children and because Western Union owned that trademark they chose the name Kiddygram. The first Kiddygram was marketed when Prince William was born. Every inch a king, Wills was born on the summer solstice and like many royals before him had his chart done by court astrologers. Kiddygram was able to bring this royal privilege into the twenty first century and it was written up In many magazines and newspapers and ordered from countries around the world. When the world turned to the internet and print outlets disappeared and commerce turned to the web, Collins created an online version of the Kiddygram, called Kiddiegram.For many years this report was proprietary but when Collins retired, she licensed the report to Cosmic Patterns after creating a French and Spanish version.

Collins raised two sons and has four grandchildren. She does not believe in astrology. She considers it a symbolic language. She doesn’t believe in Mandarin, or Greek or English but finds the insights provided by this symbolic language helpful in raising children. It is not a language that speaks to everyone, but if it’s shorthand is one you understand it will provide a lifetime of learning! Mlle Kiddie notes to all who visit and interact with the site, that all information and reports are for entertainment purposes only.

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