Fire Signs

Fire Signs



THE FIRE-SIGN CHILD is gifted with enthusiasm, spirit, energy and a strong drive for freedom and self-expression. There is a tremendous sense of play, exuberance, and spark in these children which makes them quite appealing to others. They are the risk-takers, the show-offs, very much given to heroics and high drama.

The fire-sign child has a strong sense of personal pride and will keenly resent the sort of indignities that children are often subjected to simply because they are smaller and less experienced. These children will respect their elders (often adoringly so) if their elders respect them! They crave freedom and independence at as early an age as possible and will rebel (sometimes cheerfully, sometimes angrily) against undue restrictions and restraints. Provide them with as much space as possible to release their abundant energy, and let them go! As long as they know there is a safe nest to return to on occasion, they want to be "out there" where the action is, joyfully exploring the world and probably conquering it as well.

Fire-sign children are often "addicted" to action and stimulation, and find it difficult to slow down and quiet themselves. As one fiery youngster once put it "Peace is boring". Occasionally, you will find a fire-sign person who is outwardly quiet and mild (usually because another element — earth or water — is a major factor in their chart), but inside there is still a strong sense of personal importance and pride, a desire to do something special, and a great sense of adventure and restlessness.

Problems that may arise with fiery children include: being highly temperamental, being domineering with their families and with other children, being overly competitive and attached to winning at games or any sort of personal confrontation, willfulness, overestimating themselves and their abilities, and obliviousness to other's feelings and needs.

In dealing with some of these issues, it is often helpful to appeal to the child's inner sense of greatness. (Would a real Nobleman or Noblewoman act this way?) Also let them make their own mistakes — plenty of them — for they resist learning any other way. Teach by example. Fire-sign children idealize and often idolize their parents or other adults who embody traits the child admires. Introduce them to positive role-models that can inspire them to be their best (whether through a real relationship with the person or through literature or some other means.)


THE FIRE-SIGN PARENT usually appreciates and celebrates their child's uniqueness and talents, encouraging their youngster to excel and to meet life with vigor, enthusiasm, and a Positive, can-do spirit. They teach their child to view problems as challenges rather than obstacles, and are interested in seeing their child develop competence and independence as soon as possible.

However, fire-sign parents often find the work and especially the routine of caring for a young child to be tedious and stultifying. Being freedom-loving souls, fire-sign people often resent the limitations on their mobility and actions, the slower pace, and the need to plan and schedule their daily lives instead of being able to come and go as freely and spontaneously as they once did. Because they cherish their own freedom, fire-sign parents often try to push their children to separate and become "independent" rewarding the child for venturing away from the safety of home and subtly or overtly pushing the child away when he or she expresses neediness, dependency, or fear of facing a new situation. Fire-sign parents can be quite impatient with their child's "babyish" needs or habits, especially if they persist longer than the parent believes they "should".

"Act like a big girl," "Be brave," "Don't be a baby," and similar messages are frequently given by the fire-sign parent who is disinclined to deal with the young child's need for dependency and security—feelings which are often seen as weaknesses.

On the positive side, the fire-sign parent is usually quite fun-loving and playful, delights in their children's exuberance, and is not inclined to squelch their youngster's spontaneity, for in many ways the fire-sign parent is still a child at heart and can play with their children—no small gift. Also, the fire-sign person is usually much more comfortable parenting older children.