The fire-sign parent and water-sign child

This child can be a real enigma to the fire-sign parent, who must learn to temper his or her forcefulness and directness to accommodate the highly sensitive and emotional water-sign child. There can be significant problems between these two due to their very different natures.

The water-sign child is very private, gets deeply involved in his or her inner world, and is often happiest in quiet surroundings or pastimes. This child may be seen as lazy, evasive and indirect, or overly sensitive by the fire-sign parent.

Even more importantly, the water-sign child has a great need for emotional closeness and reassurance, and he or she can be experienced by a fire-sign parent as being clinging, emotionally demanding, and needy in a way the parent is not comfortable with. The above-mentioned tendency of the fire-sign parent to push their children to be independent can truly harm the sensitive water-sign child. This child, even more than most, needs a safe and secure home and warm, close family relationships. Fostering close ties with grandparents, aunts and uncles, and other kin can be a good way for fire-sign parents of water-sign children to meet this child's needs.

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