The fire-sign parent and earth-sign child

If you are a fire-sign parent with an earth-sign child, you may feel at times that you are the child and your youngster the adult, for he or she is often more serious, practical, worldly-minded, orderly, or conservative than you are. This child is likely to express quiet disapproval of some of your uninhibited or playful behaviors, and to be put off even more because you find this amusing!

The earth-sign child needs order, structure, stability, and a regular routine in order to feel secure, and they are easily upset by disruptions in the pattern they have become familiar with. Safety, caution, a desire for clear rules and boundaries, and a love of the known characterize these children—all qualities which are rather at odds with a fire-sign parent's natural inclinations.

An important area of difference between the two is communication styles. Theb earth-sign child is, indeed, down-to-earth and wants concrete reasons as "proof" whereas the fire-sign parent is apt to be abstract or philosophical, presenting concepts rather than facts.

Another potential problem here is that the parent is likely to outshine or at least draw more attention to him or herself than the child does, which can make the child feel rather dull in comparison to the parent.

The fire-sign parent must accept that this child's goals may well be both different and humbler than their own.

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