Water Signs

Water Signs



THE WATER-SIGN CHILD is a sympathetic, deeply feeling, and sensitive one, and they intuitively know what the people around them feel or intend, even if nothing is said. You cannot truly hide anything the water-sign child, but you certainly can confuse him or her if you do not openly acknowledge what you (or they) are feeling. For instance, if you are sad or angry about something, it's much better to say so, and also to acknowledge the child's concerns and feelings, rather than trying to protect the child by denying what is going on and pretending that everything is rosy. The water-sign child acutely senses what is happening and will feel relieved if his or her perceptions are validated. On the other hand, because of this same sensitivity, it's best if this child can be in a pleasant environment with basically positive people, for he or she is profoundly affected by his or her surroundings. If someone is unkind and cold, or in turmoil, this child will be very upset by it. Water-sign children feel deeply and are apt to cry frequently and to express all of their emotions freely if not discouraged to do so. Their feelings are easily hurt and they are inclined to be moody and also very private much of the time, especially as teens.

Water-sign children have a great capacity for and need for love, caring, and support. They enjoy physical affection, cuddling and closeness, as well as emotional comfort and understanding. Their attachment to their family (especially parents) is very strong, and they're apt to feel quite insecure if anything threatens this closeness. Similarly, they get very attached to friends, their pets, and others they come to know well. They may well be shy or reluctant to reach out to those outside their own circle, however.


THE WATER-SIGN PARENT is very protective of and devoted to his or her children and may make them the primary focus in life. Nurturing and caring for children is very fulfilling for water-signs, and the emotional bonds to their children run deep. Often they feel such a close rapport with them that it borders on being telepathic—knowing, for instance, when the child is in trouble, even if he or she is not in the vicinity, or sympathetically sensing what the child is experiencing even if he or she is not talking about it.

At their best, water-sign parents are wonderfully supportive, comforting, and loving. However, they are often overly protective and can too easily project their own fears onto their children, thus inhibiting the child's exploration and risk-taking.

Also, water-sign parents want to be needed, and it can be hard for them to fully rejoice in their child's ever increasing independence. "I don't want to see her grow up and leave me" is a lament not too uncommon for the water-sign parent. They are sometimes unwilling to let their children grow away from them, even to the point of subtly manipulating them through guilt in order to keep the child near. Becoming meddlesome or controlling are not-so-positive ways their need to stay close to their children is sometimes expressed. Being the most subjective and emotionally-influenced of all the elements, perhaps the water-signs most need and benefit from trying to see their children more clearly from a more detached perspective.