The emotional and psychic bond between these two is very powerful. There is a deep knowing of one another that goes beyond words, a closeness that is often a source of comfort and support throughout each one's life. Because the parent has lived through and learned how to deal with many of the emotions and situations that the water-sign child experiences, he or she can give this child wise counsel—or at least much sympathetic understanding.

However, there are some potential problems here. One is that one or both may depend (emotionally and otherwise) on the other too much. Sometimes it is difficult for this child to separate at the appropriate time and make his or her own life apart from the parents. Sometimes it's the parent who won't cut the umbilical cord, keeping the child attached to him or her through love, guilt, fear, or some combination thereof.

Another issue is that this child feels everything that is happening inside the parent, and is prone to take responsibility for or try to fix the parent's hurts or problems. The water-sign parent needs to let this child know "I appreciate your caring but this is my problem, and I can take care of it," thus freeing the child to be a child and not a surrogate parent. And, conversely, the child needs to be allowed not to be a baby or a child, and to grow up and be an individual in his or her own right.

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