It is often not easy for these two to enter into each other's world. The air-sign child is bright and idealistic, and makes decisions based on fairness, reason, and logic, whereas the water-sign parent is very subjective and influenced by personal feelings or prejudices, by empathy for others, and "the logic of the heart". The air-sign child is more concerned with truth, justice, and fairness, the water-sign parent with kindness.

The air-sign child is also very interested in developing friendships and peer relationships, and with the larger social world outside the family circle, whereas the water-sign parent is very attached to and focused on his or her most intimate relationships. Because of this, the water-sign parent may feel somewhat hurt when this child doesn't display the same degree of attachment or need for intense family closeness. There is a certain coolness in the air-sign child (not coldness, just a need for personal space and distance) which the water-sign parent doesn't readily understand.

Sometimes air-signs will show a distinct indifference to others' feelings, not because they actually intend to wound but because they are caught up in some idea or game. A great gift the water-sign parent can give this child is to teach him or her the importance of empathy—and it's a lesson that will have to be repeated many times before it finally sinks in!

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