Qualities of the Gemini Sign

Qualities of the Gemini Sign

Sun in Gemini

Quick, bright & inquisitive, this child is a live wire with a great need for novelty & socializing. He or she is a playful mimic & can be quite mischievous. Lemon yellow is his or her color.

Moon in Gemini

This child adapts well to change & new situations, and is apt to be fidgety & restless without a lot of mental & social stimulation. He or she can verbalize feelings well & needs to talk about them.

Gemini Rising

This child is apt to be wiry, slight & agile, and may have trouble staying still. He or she is friendly and loves to talk, ask questions, and learn new things.

A group of kids in front of a building, displaying the bonding and affection synonymous with the Gemini sign.