There is quite a bit of difference between these two: The air-signs move quickly and thrive on excitement and stimulation, whereas earth-signs are more deliberate and more self-controlled, thriving on continuity and predictability.

Air-signs enjoy a lot of social interaction and are usually quite liberal and open, compared to the earth-signs who are more conservative, more discriminating and judgmental. This can be a real issue between the two in the youngster's teenage years,when choice of friends and so on is likely to become a concern. In the younger years, it may be trying for the earthy parent to try to accommodate this child's constant need to talk and share and be on the go. At times the airy child may seem a bit flighty to the earthy parent, who can provide the ballast and stability in this child's life. The earthy parent's calmness, sensibility, and no-nonsense approach to life can be quite soothing to the airy child at times. And as long as the earthy parent does not pressure the airy child into adopting his or her own style and values, the differences in their make-up do not have to come between them.

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