The water-sign child is rarely the easiest for an earth-sign parent to understand. Earth-signs have a certain hardiness and solidness about them, and compared to the sensitive water-signs they are not easily affected by their environment. They can be quite untouched by situations that upset or deeply affect the water-sign child, and can respond very matter-of-factly or indifferently to the watery child's emotional reactions. It's important for the earthy parent to realize that the water-sign child's feelings and fears are quite real to him or her, even when they are fueled by the child's imagination. A practical, no-nonsense approach to such things usually is not helpful. Logic and rational explanations (See? There is no monster hiding under your bed.) simply don't reach this child. Far better to commiserate (Oh, yes. I remember the monster under my bed...)—for the watery child responds primarily to sympathy. While earth-signs tend to be reassured by knowing facts about whatever is worrying them, water-signs simply want acknowledgment and compassion for the way they feel.

In many ways, however, earth and water-signs are quite compatible. Strong attachments to family are often quite prominent in both, and there is thus apt to be much mutual caring and devotion between these two.

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