THE AIR-SIGN PARENT with THE WATER-SIGN CHILD: These two have essentially different ways of seeing the world and experiencing life. Whereas the parent is a thinking and a social person, the child is primarily emotional and private. It is important that the air-sign parent does not try to explain away the child's emotions, or demand a "reason" for the child's moods and feelings, for this the water-sign child usually cannot do and it only serves to make him or her feel unaccepted and unacceptable. Air-signs are idealistic and are prone to tell others how they "should" feel. However, water-signs are much more in touch with emotional realities-people, on a feeling level. Thus, the air-sign parent can learn much from their sensitive water child if the parent is receptive and willing to listen. And, positively, the air-sign parent can help the water-sign child learn to verbalize and articulate his or her deep feelings, which the child can do if it's clear he or she will not be judged for doing so. Another facet to this relationship is that the air-sign parent needs quite a bit of personal space and may not understand or be willing to meet all of this child's needs for closeness. It is not uncommon for an air-sign parent, though appreciative of the abundant affection and obvious attachment their water-sign child shows toward them, to wish the child needed them a little less or gave them more room to breathe.

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